Collage showing song and dance groups performing in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

Discovering Traditional Basque Song and Dance in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Sometimes I get really lucky in my travels and stumble across unexpected town celebrations such as this one in Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain’s Basque region. I don’t know what the occasion was, but several of the city’s cultural groups turned out around the city’s historic district to perform traditional songs and dance. Afterward, one group appeared outside a bar to entertain patrons. What a special treat. It’s worth watching the video to the end.

Taco Bell building and Ben eating a burrito.

My McDonald’s Moment

Sometimes it’s just a craving for familiar food, other times it’s a desire to dine without having to translate menus or the demands of waiters or bartenders speaking a foreign language. See what brought me to this moment of weakness.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Market Day

Market day is cheap entertainment. Stand back and watch the fish mongers skillfully fillet fish, sample cheeses and watch people make their selections of fresh produce. I love it!