Ávila’s Wonderful Medieval Wall

Nov. 3, 2022

I visited the medieval walls of Ávila, Spain, today. The impressive walls of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are among the best preserved ancient structures I’ve ever seen. Here’s a snippet from a wall plaque:

The wall of Ávila is an enormous fence of stone which encompasses 33 hectares with a perimeter of 2,537 meters, 87 towers, 2 side doors and 9 doors. One of the original 88 towers was demolished to build in a chapel.

The wall has 87 towers.

According to several archaeological studies, the wall was built during the 12th century. Its construction started on the eastern side of the city and several parts from a Roman necropolis from the first and second centuries AD can be seen here.

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More views from Ávila are below. Click for larger view.