The Paseo — A Leisurely Stroll with Family & Friends

Nov. 2, 2022

The paseo is a wonderful Spanish ritual. It’s a leisurely evening stroll about the city with family or friends. I joined my host family in the city of Soria for the paseo this past Sunday. We wandered along the banks of the Douro River, one of four major rivers in Spain, and visited the Ermita de San Saturio, a church built into the side of a cliff. Our stroll took us through the city’s Plaza Mayor (main plaza) and its narrow streets of the historic city center. The evening ended with a visit to a churerría for a traditional Spanish treat of churros and chocolate.

Soria is the capital of the province of Soria in the autonomous community (state) of Castilla y León. It has about 39,000 residents, making it Spain’s smallest provincial capital and it benefits from a cooler climate than much of the surrounding area due to its location about 3,200 feet above sea level. Visitors can see medieval walls, Renaissance palaces and Romanesque churches. 

Soria is Spain’s smallest provincial capital.

The Celtiberian archaeological site of Numantia is located nearby. The Numantians are noted for enduring 20 years of hostilities with Rome that ended with a 13-month siege in 133 BC. The Numantians made a valiant last stand, and they ultimately destroyed their city and many committed suicide rather than surrender to the Roman invaders.

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Street scenes below of Soria. Click for larger view.